Let Them Talk, Dmitriy Borisov 02/11/2019


"I know the secret of the Dyatlov pass."

This episode includes what role might Zolotaryov play in Dyatlov Pass incident, Mansi participation in the case and the avalanche prosecutors went to investigate on the pass. There is a twist of psychic insight at the end.

Intro: Today in the studio is a man who is claiming that for many years he kept the secret of the Mansi shamans. What role could Semyon Zolotaryov play in the deaths of the Dyatlov group. He was much older than the rest of the hikers. During his exhumation in the grave was found a person who is not Semyon Zolotaryov. How can modern technology help solve the mystery of Dyatlov Pass incident.

I have only introduced the people that are life in the studio.

Semyon Zolotaryov

Vladimir Sungorkin (Владимир Сунгоркин) - journalist, general director of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - how did he fought the war, the medals he received, he gives contradictory information about himself. His name was Semyon but he chose to represent himself as Aleksander. After the war he traveled a lot throughout the country including in secret cities.
Natalya Varsegova (Наталя Варсегова) - Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist. She confirms the discrapacies in the name of Zolotaryov. His name on the papers and in the burial act is Semyon while throughout the case files his name is Aleksander. Natalya says that none of his relatives or students remembers the tattoos that the coroner found on his body in 1959. She says that the tattoos were on places that are visible i.e. the wrist, the forearm. Who buried Zolotaryov, maybe KGB? Then we found out that his grave was never filled in the cemetery registry. In other words Zolotaryov's grave doesn't exist on paper. Who is buried in Zolotaryov's grave? The relatives agreed an exhumation to be carried out.
Lyudmila Komova (Людмила Комова) - Semyon Zolotaryov's stepdaughter. She describes Semyon as a harsh man. He was very tough on the kids. She says that Semyon liked to take photos. She has many unpleasant memories of Zolotaryov. he never beat them, but at all times required discipline. She doesn't remember anything about the trek because Zolotaryov and her mother parted in 1957. Sasha, their baby boy was born in Feb 1957 (he is born in 1956 - ed. note). She says different story from what we know, that one day when she and her mother went to get Sasha form daycare he was taken by his father. That her mother went to cry at Zolotaryov's mother house and they never saw Sasha again. 7:33 (photo baby Sasha) Lyudmila says that they have been outing on a lake when she clearly remembers Zolotaryov's bare arms and a tattoo of any kind would have made an impression on her.
Dmitriy Borisov recaps what can this all mean - that somebody else was posing as Zolotaryov?
Vladimir Sungorkin is saying that the tattoos were on very prominent places of the body that Zolotaryov was teaching physical education to pupils where it was unacceptable to show tattoos. There are many photos with Zolotaryov not wearing sleeves, where these strange tattoos would be visible. While we were researching his life we found photos and documents with discrepancies. He said that he was on places during the was and awarded with certain medals, and the papers showed he was in different locations and was given different medals. As if he didn't know his own biography or was a pathological liar. The medals he claimed were not necessarily better than the ones that he, or who he claimed to be got in life. We found that his brother was a German spy and most probably was executed.
Dmitriy Borisov says so you decided to exhume Zolotaryov's grave to make sure there is a body in the grave, and that he didn't escape from the incident alive, and in his place in the grave was buried somebody else.
Natalya Varsegova says that this was their intention and after submitting samples for expertise they ended up in a very peculiar situation with two DNA results one of them saying that this is not Zolotaryov and the other saying that this is Zolotaryov but his brother can not be excluded.
Natalya Varsegova believes that the person that took part in the hike to Otorten in 1959 was Semyon Zolotaryov.
Aleksandr Koshkin (Александр Кошкин) - researcher. Zolotaryov from the photos looks like Semyon Zolotaryov from the photographs before the war, skull superimposition.
Sergey Dolya (Сергей Доля) traveler, host of the REN TV tells us his won experience on the pass like how difficult it was to go in the snow, and the snow covered within hours all the tracks. he says that there are so many inexplicable details in this case that we start inventing extraterrestrial presence and see fireballs in the sky.
Aleksandr Koshkin starts arguing about the fireballs.
Sergey Lipin (Сергей Липин) guide, leading expeditions to Dyatlov Pass. For 2018 he took 12 expeditions to Dyatlov Pass and didn't see any abnormal phenomena.

Mansi shamans

Anatoliy Stepochkin (Анатолий Стёпочкин) says he knows what happened on Dyatlov Pass. (Ed. note - I am translating what Anatoliy Stepochkin said in Komsomolskaya Pravda interview since it is more concise and informative.)

- In 1981, I was driving a tractor in Karpinsk. Around New Year, they sent me with another driver Anatoliy Bezdenazhniy to Saranpaul for fish. It was necessary to bring 6 tons. We drove through Ivdel, Burmantovo. The road is hard, only the off-road vehicle can get through the taiga. At some point not far from a small river we saw a tent, solid, like a small yurt. Two dogs run, at the entrance lies elk meat. The owner was not there.We got to Saranpaul, loaded the fish. On the way back, we again drove up to this tent. Then a man came out to meet us. We asked to spend the night with him, and he agreed. The tent was warm, there were bunks, a warm stove. Meat is cooking. We pulled out a bottle of vodka and drank it. Tolya went to bed. And I talked with the owner. He turned out to be a hunter, but his gun broke. And shows me his TOZ-34. I look - for sure, the butt is hanging. I say: let me give you my gun (I had a German Sauer), and you give me your broken gun and dog. He had very good dogs. Looking ahead, I’ll say that later we went with the dog hunting moose and bear. It was a great dog! So we did the exchange. He got out Mansi mash. We drank it. I asked him: “How come you live your door open? The meat lies next to the tent. And you are not hiding anything.” He answered me: “We don’t need to hide anything. We are the owners here. And if someone takes something, we will find it. We had one case. Hikers in the mountains looted our sacred place. Shamans and hunters found out, tracked them down. And in the middle of the night, when they fell asleep, the shamans cut the tarp and launched some kind of dope inside. Hunters surrounded the tent. And when the hiekrs jumped out, we killed them all. They were 9 or 10.

- And did that Mansi said in what year it happened?

- He didn't say and I didn’t ask. I then said: so you should have been punished for the murder? And he answered: "The hunters were catching the hikers and passing them to the shamans. We own this place and we do what we want. We will never offend people, we will always help, but there is no need to violate our sacred places.

The TOZ-34 shotgun was confiscated as an evidence on a criminal case in Verhotursk, and it is now disappeared without a trace.

Vladimir Sungorkin says that Mansi were the very first to be questioned. Two Mansi in particular were interrogated and left in the cold. he says that this theory was long ago discarded, that indigenous people can not keep a secret for so long. he says that there were cases of somebody to have been killed and 3-4 mins were enough for the Mansi to start talking.
Oleg Arhipov (Олег Архипов) writer and Dyatlov Pass researcher. He says that Stepan Nikolaevich Kurikov who took part in the search, was a Deputy of the city legislative assembly of Ivdel in 1959 and part-time shaman. Stepan Nikolaevich said that there were no payer mountains on Dyatlov group route.
Aleksandr Koshkin says that Mansi sacred places were 50 km along the route were Dyatlov group were going.
Dmitriy Borisov says there were rumors of rape.
Oleg Arhipov says that Vozrozhdenniy's coroner reports sayy thegirls were virgin.
Aleksandr Koshkin in defence of the Mansi they wouldn't leave the alcohol. Then he start going on about a red shirt that was found at the cedar that belonged to one of the victims with fractured skull (Thibeaux-Brignoll) who had his jacket on and why would he take off his shirt and put back the jacket on. In short - the shamans would not re-dress the bodies.
Oleg Arhipov documents from Korotaev show that the son of Stepan Nikolaevich Kurikov shot and killed a man in a hunting accident on Mt Chistop. Stepan Nikolaevich personally brought his son to the Militia.
Valeriy Anyamov (Валерий Анямов) son of Aleksey Alekseevich Anyamov, member of the search part in 1959. I was little then, but I remember that the color of the bodies was red. What felt strange is that the bodies were guarded. Who were they guarded from? There were only searchers in the area. Yes, I heard that military group went after Dyatlov group in their tracks.
Vladimir Sungorkin says these could be the search group, the army took part in the search.
Mihail Sharavin (Михаил Шаравин) member of the first search group in 1959. The search parties were dropped off with helicopters. They didn't traverse. You are referring to the interview with Sambindalov, Kuntsevich has it, where the Mansi hunter says there were tracks from narrow skis, presumably from Dyatlov group, and a group of military men went along this track before the first search group arrived.
Vladimir Sungorkin says that in the search took part air force, and the ministry of internal affairs i.e. the Ivdellag. There were small settlements and when the alarm was raised they joined the search.
Mihail Sharavin says that we don't have to concentrate our attention now on the army. All we know that other people on narrow skis pass through the area in the interval between Dyatov group and the search party.
Dmitriy Borisov says the Prosecutors are opening new investigation with a statue of limitation 60 years now.
Lyudmila Dmitrieva (Людмила Дмитриева) actress, National Actress of Russia. She says that she saw fireballs.
A hermit woman, the reaction when they show her the faces of the hikers, and then their crumpled bodies. The recluse mumbles something about red and fire.
Sergey Fadeev (Сергей Фадеев) researcher. he wants to talk about something that is not what Dmitriy Borisov is asking him, something about the case files not being in order.
Vladimir Sungorkin says that the Prosecutors have been implying that if necessary they would exhume the rest of the bodies.
Sergey Fadeev is saying that the the stamps on the case files are not consistent.
Dmitriy Borisov say that maybe it was the way they did it back then.
Sergey Fadeev attacks the coroner reports even saying that maybe Vozrozhdenniy didn't describe what he was seeing. For example externally in Kolevatov there is a deformed neck but internally there is nothing.
Dmitriy Borisov says that maybe here is the moment to mention Dubinina's torn tongue and missing eyes.
Еduard Tumanov (Эдуард Туманов) coroner. He says the missing soft tissues are very common with bodies left in the nature with wildlife. People like to see some mystery where there is none.
Dmitriy Alyoshkin (Дмитрий Алёшкин) - extreme survival specialist. He says a case with hikers found in summer 2 weeks after they died in the forest were missing all the lips, end of ears, nose, eyes, tongues.
Еduard Tumanov says that the color is also not as strange as people say it is. The color is due to the exposed body parts to extremely low temperatures and strong winds.
Past interview with Yuri Yudin where he says that these were very well trained people in top shape and that when he left them he was sure that nothing bad can happen to them. Storm, blizzard, they were prepared for this. bad weather was expected in this area. Yudin says the government knew what happened and the color of the victims was strange, dark brown. Their traumas were lethal. You can't get these injuries by falling.


Evgeniy Buyanov (Евгений Буянов) author if "Mystery of the Death of Dyatlov group". No technogen, fireballs were rocket from Baikonur. Andrey Valentinovich Kuryakov - Head of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region said on Feb 1, 1959 that the criminal versions of the incident are excluded and the Prosecutors are going to investigate only avalanche, snow slab and hurricane. This aligns perfectly with Evgeniy Buyanov's theory of the incident being caused by an avalanche. In his book Evgeniy Buyanov says that the fireballs sightings were R-7 intercontinental missile launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, and the radiation contamination is from nuclear test in Chyornaya Guba. Buyanov says that the tragedy had two factors:
  1. Small amount of snow slide because the hikers dug up a hole. He is saying the snow slab would not have happened if the group didn't weaken the layers. He says that the forester Rempel warned them about the strong wind.
  2. The huricane that appeared in the night of the tragedy.

According to Buyanov these two factors explain all the facts. There was a peak in the solar activity between 1957 and 1959 that caused all the elements of nature to accede their normal behavior. In this period of time the mountaineering accidents were way higher number than normal. Chizhevskiy discovered this.

People start asking questions, why were they in their underwear, why weren't they running, why couldn't they get some items with them that will help them survive. Buyanov says the temperature was -28°C (-18°F)

Vladimir Sungorkin says that the avalanche theory is impossible.
Mihail Sharavin says that f there was no avalanche, he was the first to find the tent, there was no avalanche.
Dmitriy Alyoshkin says in -31°C (-24°CF) your first reaction would be to cover yourself. You wont be ruining one km down the slope in your underwear.
Ilya Sagliani (Илья Саглиани) - public figure, researcher of abnormal phenomena. He says that something frightened the hikers to flee from the tent, but this was obviously not an avalanche.
Ekaterina Olkina (Екатерина Олькина) - actress. She feels for the deceased families and relatives.
Fatima Hadueva ( Фатима Хадуева) - psychic, psychoesoteric. She wants to go as far away as she can, so much pain she feels. She says we are all rational adults, so why would we want to reopen the case on first place? For the hikers rehabilitation? They are not on trial. For their families? They are not suicidal. So they dies, what do you want to know?
Dmitriy Borisov say this is what we all want to know, how did they die. This is what all the people that dedicated more than a year of their lives to investigate the case what to know. (Applause)
Fatima Hadueva says "You are missing one moment. Did the hikers know what they are doing?" Yes, "Did they know where are they going?" Yes, "It says everywhere that they went to have fun." Yes, "they were in vacation, do you believe that they went for recreation?" Mixed response, "You have to understand, I was feeling, seeing, understanding Dyatlov, he was ambitious, strong headed, he wouldn't just go to have fun. he would have spend this time to research, learn and try new things." So what to think happened? "This is complicated matter, not a piece of cake, one actions leads to another." So you think this was a murder? "Prosecutors, pay attention, I am giving you the solution. First you have to remember that this was the Soviet Union. Second we have the local people. As a specialist in interethnic relations I can tell you that they are also ambitions and defensive of their territory." What exactly happen on Dyatlov Pass? "Zolotaryov was to blame, he changed with somebody else, they (the hikers) were doing experiments and there was a whiff of radiation." Whiff of? "Well not a whiff of radiation but chemical, and our government was not stupid, there was radiation there, and they knew the portal of time that existed there. Awfully many things happen in this zone of anomaly."
Timofey Bazhenov (Тимофей Баженов) TV presenter, traveler. "I am not buying any of this."
Fatima Hadueva "There is a zone that has very strong winds, and winds are very important. In ancient tales there is an expression howling of the wind. What contributed to their demise was fear, sound, and hysteria. And then what happened was murder. This is not an accident."
Dmitriy Borisov brings Tempalov memo up again as a source of maybe an evidence of what happened. We are waiting for the Prosecutors to announce their findings. Wrap up.


This is a video form next day, February 12, 2019.


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