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The aftermath of the storm

A storm destroyed the camp on the night of 10 Feb 2019. Photos taken on 11 Feb 2019 by Ural Expeditions & Tours.

Yekaterinburg cemeteries

On 5 Feb 2019 I received mail from Irina Varkentin saying "Hello! My name is Irina, I am a journalist from Yekaterinburg. I work on the city website. I found your project about Dyatlov’s group death (https://dyatlovpass.com/). Could you answer a few questions about your project and tell us a little about yourself for our website?"

How is this for a coincidence? Having signed a NDA about EXU I explained that I wouldn't answer any questions about the expedition, but this sweet thing Irina was interested in me. Consequently - in the bears too. We met on the 13th of Feb, Olga, the interpreter was also present at the interview and we had a great connection I think. After the interview in the Hyatt Irina obliged my request to take me top the the cemeteries where Dyatlov group are buried. Mihaylovskoe is pretty much straight forward knowing that the gate is from Gagarin St, but Ivanovskoe where Krivonsichenk and Zolotaryov are buried was a little adventure. Had to cover with scarfs and wrap in skirts provided by the Voznesenskaya (Ascension) Church to ask for the memorials just to be sent out to the grave diggers in the near by shack and one of them took us right where we came from across the cemetery and walked us through the snow to the memorials.

Zolotaryov memorial is new, we were looking for the old one, which is leaning on a nearby tree. The grave digger said that he personally installed the new memorila, and that Zolotaryov's relatives are sending somebody to watch over the grave and report back to them.

Did you know that among Dyatlov group possessions were two bear toys? They belonged to Slobodin and Krivonischenko.

I brought tangerines to Dyatlov group memorials on Dyatlov Pass and Yekaterinburg commemorating this mysterious birthday when the group split a tangerine on 30 Jan 1959. The last entry of the diary that we don't know who it belongs to says "Today is the birthday of Sasha Kolevatov. Congratulations. We give him a tangerine, which he immediately divided into 8 pieces (Lyuda went into a tent and did not come out until the end of the dinner). So another day of our trek went well."

The randevú on the 13 Feb 2019 resulted in the following article. Enjoy!

Photos by Irina Varkentin

Award ceremony

It was a surprise. Josh was super busy but Kuntsevich persistence won and we all left touched by Peter Pan performance, children's owe before Josh, the diplomas and St George order pins. St George is apparently the patron Saint of pathfinders and scouts. It doesn't help that the badge resembles iron cross.

Second star to the reicht and straight on till morning.” Josh Gates

* Walt Disney's 1953 Peter Pan suggests Neverland is located in space, adding a "star" to Peter's directions: "second star to the right, and straight on till morning". From afar, these stars depict Neverland in the distance. The 2003 film version repeats this representation, as the Darling children are flown through the solar system to reach Neverland.

Another tender moment that I will remember is when maya (10) asked Josh for his phone number, and she persisted even after I told her his number doesn't work in Russia. Josh said to himself: "How do I get out of this one?", and I suggested I give her my number, so we played him mumbling random numbers and me (as if translating) giving her my US number. Later we thought that this could develop in a phantom relation and clueless Josh ending up being a character in a story he is not aware of. As he said: "I can't explain to a 10 year old why she can't have the number of a 41 year old."

Photos by Anna Yazhuk

Farewell to Yekaterinburg


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