Vladimir Ivanovich Korotaev


Vladimir Korotaev was working with the Mansi and hurricane theories. Thirty-seven years after the incident, he mentioned in a speech that the Mansi were under the heavy suspicion, but they pointed to the wind as a possible cause of the deaths of the Dyatlov group, saying that the wind can be so strong it carries people away. At that point the bodies had yet to be examined, and Korotaev gives the following reason for releasing the Mansi:

"When the tent was brought to my office for investigation, a woman entered the room and, when she saw the tent, she said she had worked for 30 years as a seamstress in Ivdellag (prison); and she took one look at the fabric of the tent and told me the tent was cut from the inside, not the outside. For me, this was significant, and I ordered the tent to be sent for a forensic examination."

The examination proved that the tent was cut from inside; this was the formal reason for clearing the Mansi of suspicion. There were other reasons for doing so:

  1. The Mansi were friendly to Russians.
  2. Had the Mansi done it, they might have been expected to have taken
  3. alcohol from the tent because of their love of drinking.
  4. The area was not sacred for them so they had no motivation to kill there.

Soon after releasing the Mansi, Korotaev refused to continue investigation according to instructions, and he was removed from the position of lead investigator which he occupied for 20 days. One of the party cherubs, reporting on the progress of the investigation directly to Khrushchev, was the first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee, Andrei Pavlovich Kirilenko. In the future - a member of the Politburo and secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, head of the Military Industrial Commission, in the 50 years Kirilenko led the Dnipropetrovsk and Sverdlovsk regions of the USSR - the main forge of the Cold War. After the discovery of the last 4 bodies in the ravine in the first days of May, Kirilenko summoned Korotaev to the investigator's office and unequivocally explained:
"Khrushchev is notified that the students froze to death and the case must be closed."

At the time Korotaev was helping Tempalov, the prosecutor in the criminal case. After this visit, Korotaev was unexpectedly fired from the investigation all together. On May 28, 1959, investigator Lev Ivanov closed the case, was promoted to the prosecutor of the Kostanay region, and the annals of Soviet jurisprudence were supplemented with a sophisticated formulation:
"The reason for the death of students was overwhelming force which they were unable to overcome."

Everyone who took part in the search signed a non-disclosure of information for 25 years. Kholat Syakhl and Otorten were closed for turists.Investigator Vladimir Korotaev — non-disclosure


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