Krivonischenko letter to Dyatlov


Krivonischenko letter to Dyatlov

"Hello everyone!"

Happy New Year, hiking friends!
Let me wish you
Camping in faraway mountains
Ascending summits in the wild.

Let your backpacks be light,
weather always fine,
winter not too cold,
and summer to be mild.

The dirt not to bother you,
The sugar not to get wet,
When the river is boiling
And you go overboard.

Pants not to shred into tatters,
So you can patch them and go,
After drying your jacket at night
To have left more than a sleeve.

Your shoes to be good
Not a year, but dozens of years,
Wish your to leave your tracks
all over the map of Russia.

I’m going on the hike from the 22nd if the temperatures below 30 degrees don't last longer than 5-10 days, that is, there will remain about 10 days to finish my work, after which I can go on vacation, but without finishing it the administration won't let me go.

In temperatures below 30 and 24 mph wind, whatever needs to be done outside is canceled, same as at 40 degrees without wind. Kolya Thibault probably knows about this. We haven't worked for two days, how long will this go on depends on the temperatures.

I still have questions about the equipment - what of the public equipment I need to take, and what can I leave. Also interested in the situation in Sverdlovsk with camera films, I do not have a single one.

Kolka Popov wrote about our expedition. He knows. Now I will write again. If he has at least the slightest opportunity - he, of course, will join us. I am in high spirits and good shape, I will be in Sverdlovsk between January 10 and 20. I will keep in touch through UPI sports club. I will go to the institute right after I arrive.

That's all.

I wonder how does the group come along, who stays, who doesn't. I hope I can go with you, and if I don’t (which is not likely) you will get a telegram till the 20th.

Now about the money. When, where, to whom and how much to send?

I’ll bring a bill of health with me. December 29-30 we have a medical board (physical education), and I’ll get it from there.

That, in fact, is all I can say. In all honesty, I missed my camp life very much and I dream of an expedition as a great blessing. I have my own skis.

Greeting to all hikers.

December 27, 1958

P. S. In preparing the trip, do not forget to take into account the mandolin (for the weight), since I already play a little, and probably there will be N. Popov

G. Krivonischenko

Ed. note - Krivonischenko always signed G. for Georgiy. Yuri is a nickname used by his friends.

Published by Rimma Pechurkina "Oblastnaya Gazeta" February 3, 2004

Dyatlov gathers a group for the Subpolar Ural from as early as Oct 15, 1958. On Dec 12, 1958 he invites Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle, Yuri Doroshenko and Nikolay Popov, if the latter is allowed from his place of work, the Tatarstan Research Institute of Petroleum Machine Building (TatNIIneftemash). Nikolay Popov is always pictured with a mandolin in his hands.


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