People don't realize right away (at least I didn't at the beginning) that first you go in the creek and then climb up to the Cedar, not the other way around.

Den - creek - Cedar scheme

The documents in the case file are pointing to different dates for when bodies of Dubinina, Zolotaryov, Kolevatov and Thibeaux-Brignolle are found. The place seem to be well photographed, but you will be surprised how many discussions currently exist on the fact where exactly is this location. Expeditions go, measure and build theories and models. Here are some of them.

Dyatlov Pass: Researchers in Ivdel Railway station
Vitaliy Kuznetsov (operator), Evgeniy Buyanov (writer), Aleksey Koskin (researcher)
Vladimir Borzenkov (researcher), Vladimir Makarov (hiker), Aleksander Kuntsevich (hiker), Leonid Rokotyan (technician)
Anatoliy Mohov (search 1959), Yuri Kuntsevich (head of Dyatlov foundation), Yuri Yudin (10th member of Dyatlov group), Vladimir Shikobonga (scout, UPI student)
August 12, 2008 - photographer Vitaliy Gavrichev (researcher)

Dyatlov Pass: The ravine

The image below is a blow up of the general area where the ravine is. Researchers are using as check points some characteristic trees that appear on the 1959 photos form the search, but more than 5 decades past before any attempts were made to pin point the location. Why is that so important? Because the terrain could give hints as for:

  • What is the easiest way to reach the den and to transport branches for the den
  • Were the bodies injured at this very place or were they transported from some place else
  • If moved from another place - how could it be done (from the slope, from the den, etc.)

Click on the name of the researchers on the map or alternatively on the links below.

Ravine by Borzenkov Ravine by Sharavin Ravine by Alekseenkov and KAN Ravine by Rakitin

Dyatlov Pass: The ravine

Dyatlov Pass: Aleksander Alekseenkov (Shura)
Aleksander Alekseenkov (Shura)
Dyatlov Pass: Mihail Sharavin
Mihail Sharavin
Dyatlov Pass: Sasha KAN
Sasha KAN
Dyatlov Pass: Vladimir Borzenkov
Vladimir Borzenkov

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