Овручский молочно-консервный комбинат


An old tin can found at the possible location of the 1959 searcher's camp (see it on the map), which Shura Alekseenkov is investigating. M50 is Ovruchskiy Molochno-konservniy kombinat which opened in 1949 (more info). According to the GOST standards the tin can was made in 1957, 1967 or 1977. On top lid the markings are 102Ж76: 1 - first shift, 02Ж* - July 2nd, 76 - sweetened condensed milk.

* А (January), Б (February), В (March), Г (April), Д (May), Е (June), Ё (looks too much like Е), Ж (July), З (excluded by standard), И (August), К (September), Л (October), М (November), Н (December)

The expiration on the condensed milk is 12 months but this can, judging by the grease and size (D 15cm, H 21cm) was from the military reserve. The cans kept in the reserve were made to last longer and treated with lubricant against corrosion. The people who remember ever consuming cans form the soviet military reserve talk about the stew (тушонка) being greasy. I can offer two explanations, either this can was just greased together with the rest or the grease was transferred while the cans were stacked next to each during transportation.


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